On Tuesday 27th June, the ProTech user community was invited to attend the first of two scheduled webinars presented by our Professional Services Manager, Steven Shiels, to showcase the enhanced UX (User Experience) and enhanced UI (User Interface) of our upgraded solution, Pro9.

For those of you unable to join us, the key topics covered within the webinar included:

Why did ProTech embark on the Pro9 project?

Pro-8 was first launched in 2011 with frequent enhancements to improve its features and overall capability. In 2016 as a result of in-depth market analysis, and feedback from users and independent consultants within the marketplace we recognised the necessity to significantly refresh the UX and UI of the solution.

Significant time and resource has been invested in developing Pro9 over the past 6 months. Furthermore, our overall R&D investment has doubled from 10% to 20% of the overall turnover of ProTech in the past two years to provide our clients with a solution to meet their specific requirements.

Some of the Enhanced Features shown included:

The Home Page:

Customisable dashboards are now available to give users a prominent graphical snapshot of key data that is most relevant when they first log into the system. Users can now choose whether to display a graphical representation of data and/or their daily activities in a scrollable browser style view.

The Start Bar & Start-Up Screen

The black start up bar is consistent across modern solutions and will help users locate screens within the system making it quicker and easier to get to the information that is relevant.

The concept of a ‘start up’ screen has been introduced so that users are able to tag heavily used screens to be opened automatically when they first log in to the system.

Record Maintenance Screen:

The record maintenance screen has had a fundamental redesign to give a cleaner feel to the frames, in line with the Windows 8/ 10 interface improving users familiarity Scroll bars have been inserted making it easier for users to scroll through data and see a single customer view.

Menu Maintenance:

The layout of the menu has been redesigned, presenting a fresher feel and increasing simplicity of use.

Pro9 will be available for upgrade by existing clients from July 2017 and for general release from September 2017.

For more information, please contact Kim.Smith@protech.co.uk