Efficient and Effective Event Experience

Event management can be one of the most time-consuming tasks in any organisation’s calendar, with every small change requiring immediate analysis and action. ProConnect can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of events by ensuring our client’s members and customers have a seamless experience when booking and attending.

The software can automate the processes involved in planning, marketing and communicating any event or large conference. Payments and administration are handled in a fraction of the time, allowing clients to free-up employees to focus on adding value to the event content instead.

ProConnect also facilitates in-depth analysis of events, both during and after completion. Events can be specifically tailored to the customer’s needs, expenses can be compared with revenue in real time, and a process of continuous improvement can be followed to drive the organisation forward.

Event Planning Event Booking Event Marketing & Communication Event Administration Event Finance & Communication

Feature List

ProConnect provides all of the tools that clients need to plan and manage a successful event, conference or exhibition.



Event Marketing
& Communications


Event Finance
& Analysis

Event Planning

  • Ability to set, track and manage event budget

  • Creation of event ticket prices incorporating early bird pricing and discounts

  • Organising of event programme and creation of multi-track event sessions

  • Assigning of speakers to specific sessions and locations

  • Management of required event resources such as room capacity and equipment

Event Booking

  • Self-service online delegate booking

  • Ability for delegates to choose specific preferences such as dietary requirements

  • Facility to amend preferences or attendance online

  • Capture of offline bookings through our sales centre tool

  • Automation of invoices and receipts capturing online and offline bookings through our fully integrated sales ledger

Event Marketing & Communications

  • Distribution of event correspondence such as confirmation letters or joining instructions in bulk or through our automated workflow

  • Segmenting of data to send out tailored marketing campaigns to target audiences for specific events

  • Ability to send personalised event invites through our marketing campaign tool

  • Automated confirmation, post event and reminder emails

Event Administration

  • Management of event bookings such as cancellations and transfers

  • Management of delegate table seating plan and layout for conference dinners

  • Printing of delegate badges

  • Event wait-list functionality

  • Ability to assign specific tasks to team members

Event Finance & Analysis

  • Customisable dashboards to make informed, strategic decisions on event progress and success

  • Costing and budgeting – profit and loss

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