Simplifying the On-Boarding Process

Protech has been designing software to simplify membership, qualifications management and event management for more than two decades. In that time, we have encountered and solved every type of challenge for our clients.

Our experience shows that the seamless integration of our ProConnect software and the optimisation of the processes and organisations around it are a critical success factor.

We therefore provide a number of complimentary services, each making it easier for our clients to successfully streamline their processes and onboard our technology with minimum of disruption.





Project Approach

Our project approach for ProConnect supports the technical implementation aspects of each project. Uniquely, it also provides an overarching change management methodology to ensure the maximum optimisation of business benefits. These services also ensure that the software is fully optimised to deliver the maximum benefits for clients.

The project implementation is divided into four key areas:


We work with clients to understand their current and future requirements. This ensures that they maximise the benefits of the technology investment in ProConnect.


We get into the detail of how ProConnect will be used by our clients’ business and stakeholders. We then work together to identify the online and administrative user-journeys before defining how people, processes and technology will come together to optimise their potential.


We work hand-in-hand with our clients’ subject matter experts to examine their businesses and design a single, comprehensive solution that incorporates the contingency they need to develop and grow.


We implement the system and transition to a support role, working with clients to ensure they continue to optimise the benefits of ProConnect. To help realise this objective, all Protech clients receive future software upgrades free of charge – something that is unique in our sector.

Data Transformation

Protech has developed a sophisticated and highly flexible data transformation approach that supports the conversion of legacy systems and spreadsheet data. Rather than relying on simple conversion techniques, this data migration model ensures that clients fully maximise their data within a central source to allow them to communicate and engage with their customers.

Our data transformation approach comprises four stages:


The existing data capabilities are mapped to identify any data availability, gaps and referential integrity issues


The data is cleansed to ensure it meets the client’s requirements, complies with GDPR legislation and erases any data duplication


The data is converted into the required new structures and formats


A cyclical review process begins with the client until the data capability has been fully optimised

Cloud Hosting

ProCloud is a fully service-managed hosting environment that removes the need to purchase, manage or maintain any hosting infrastructure for the ProConnect software. It is available to any size of business and gives access to the infrastructure, applications and data needed to reliably and efficiently deliver customer facing services, while satisfying financial, operational and IT priorities.

Our ProCloud hosting environment is fully scalable. Our consumption-based model means clients only pay for the infrastructure and data they actually use while our service subscription model also allows them to pay-as-they-go.

Our ProCloud service works with specially-selected hosting partners to deliver an enterprise-grade, multi-tenancy, scalable IT infrastructure that is resiliently deployed across Tier-3 UK sovereign data centres. They are accessible over the internet or via Public Services Network (PSN) for our public-sector clients. They are also Pan Government Accredited (PGA) approved up to Business Impact Level 3 (IL3) for security.

Additionally, our ProCloud specialists provide round-the-clock support and system monitoring, so clients can retain control over their applications without the burden of managing the underlying IT infrastructure.


A key benefit of ProConnect is its flexibility to integrate with a client’s online tools. It can utilise open Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) to deliver easy integration with existing websites, apps or portals.

Integration with Existing Web Technology

ProConnect includes more than 300 standard APIs that allows its core functionality to integrate with an existing client website. This means that all the essential website user operations such as new member registration subscriptions renewals, marketing preferences, event booking, payment gateways and “my dashboard” access can seamlessly integrate with ProConnect’s CRM functionality.

Design of a New Integrated Website/Portal

ProConnect includes a highly-developed Content Management System (CMS) that can provide a single web portal or micro-site to manage all member and customer requirements. Based upon Umbraco, the world’s leading open-source Microsoft ASP.NET CMS, the ProConnect CMS can provide all the same user operations listed above, in a website designed and built especially for the client.

Our Integration Experience

Protech has 25 years of experience of integrating our solutions with a huge variety of other systems including websites, web applications, finance, ERP systems, learning management systems and email marketing applications We also support direct integration with 3rd party systems as well as online or scheduled data synchronisation routines.

Specific Integrations Undertaken

  • Email Marketing Providers such as Dotmailer and MailChimp

  • Major finance systems including SAP, Great Plains, Access Dimensions and Sage
  • A range of e-learning solutions using the Tin Can API and SCORM.
  • E-assesment providers such as QuestionMark to capture the results of online assessments
  • A board range of CMS providers such as Sitecore, Drupal and WordPress
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Membership Management
Event Management
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