Seamless and Personalised Membership Management

ProConnect can greatly simplify the challenge of membership management by automating many of the key processes through its specialist CRM. It provides our client’s members with a seamless and personalised online experience. Via the self-service tools that ProConnect offers, members can join, renew, pay subscriptions and manage their own contact and marketing preferences without any duplication of effort.

In addition, ProConnect also gives increased insight into individual members’ activities. It allows clients to analyse trends and ensure they are delivering the right products and services, while improving communication and building loyalty with their members.

Member Joining Member Renewing Member & Contact Management Member Communications & Marketing Member Analysis

Feature List

Organisations with membership management responsibilities will benefit from the following list of features. Each provides a tangible increase in efficiency and enhances the members’ engagement and experience.



Member & Contact

Member Communications
& Marketing


Member Joining

  • Seamless self-service online member and customer joining

  • Personalised member area with tailored content and information based on member interactions and preferences
  • Automation of invoices and receipts capturing member bookings and upgrades through our fully integrated sales ledger
  • Automated welcome correspondence and invoice payments

Member Renewing

  • Rolling renewals at the push of a button for existing members and group management schemes
  • Online self-service renewals
  • Automated renewal letters, reminder communications and direct debit payments
  • Bulk lapsing processing after a specific time frame stipulated by the organisation

Member & Contact Management

  • Single view of contact information, preferences, interactions and purchase history to make informed decisions
  • Management of individual and corporate member records
  • Recording of all member and customer interactions with ability to assign tasks to a particular person or department

Member Communications & Marketing

  • Option to segment data and create personalised marketing campaigns
  • Possibility to convert contacts into paying members and cross-sell other products and services to existing members
  • Tools to demonstrate the value members receive and promote the increase of membership grades

Member Analysis

  • Customisable dashboards to provide a graphical overview of trends
  • Collections of key information such as conversion rates and increase in membership numbers to allow informed strategic decision making
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