Our Story

For 25 years, Protech has been developing CRM software that helps professional bodies and membership organisations to simplify their daily work and improve their engagement with customers.

At the heart of our solution is ProConnect CRM. This powerful engagement management software improves the productivity and efficiency of our client’s operations. It automates manual processes and helps to predict customer demand through comprehensive data analysis. The CRM software also provides clients with a single customer view which enables them to interact, engage and transact with their members, learners and customers.

Our sector-specific web user-journeys increase member retention and recruitment. They allow members to easily undertake self-service tasks such as renewals and joining, event registration, exam enrolment and preference setting. This improves the member experience, drives engagement and enhances membership value.

ProConnect includes a suite of customer-facing solutions for website creation, portals and content management systems (CMS), all underpinned by our specialist customer relationship management (CRM) functionality. Together they allow ProConnect to deliver tangible member benefits, improve event experiences and more effectively guide learners through their CPD and qualification journeys.

Our ProConnect™ Software Helps Clients and their Members to Achieve More. Together.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The powerful CRM within ProConnect provides a number of tools to efficiently and effectively manage the online experience of members, learners and customers.

For our clients, the single customer view within this CRM gathers all the information in one place, including events attended, transactions completed, qualifications achieved and membership history. The engagement index shows how effectively members or customers are engaging with the organisation thereby facilitating more informed strategic decision making. The CRM can also manage back-office payment processing and distribute bulk communications using sophisticated data segmentation tools while providing fully featured reporting and KPI analysis dashboards.

The CRM provides options to customise the user experience by modifying elements such as screen display, categorisation of records, form fields and tool tips.

It fully integrates with Microsoft Outlook to synchronise appointments, enable automatic task creation and allow drag-and-drop functionality from the inbox.

All of these features allow our clients to improve their service, make better decisions, and eradicate unnecessary manual processes within their organisations.

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Website Creation

ProConnect ships with ProWeb, a feature that enables clients to provide class-leading online customer service functionality to their customers.

This allows our secure web services to easily integrate a client’s back office operations with their existing website. Alternatively, ProWeb can be used to design entire new websites, microsites or portals. In this case, clients can use our CMS to upload their own content and forms, and offer streamlined user journeys around their membership processes.

ProWeb can also be used to create job boards, an important element for any business that wishes to drive recruitment and employee retention.
Additionally, ProWeb includes powerful collaboration tools that allow members and other key stakeholders such as volunteers to create, join and participate in forums, blogs and online communities.

Like all ProWeb collaboration features, this is fully integrated with ProConnect CRM so that online forum, blogging and community-based activity is captured as part of the single customer view.


ProConnect can be used to create portals for membership organisations or those offering professional qualifications that are administered through centres. In both cases, these portals streamline the processes involved in member and learner management and enrich the user experience for their customers.

Member Portals provide a personalised area for an organisation’s members to perform self-service tasks and access relevant information around their membership. Fully featured dashboards can display the events attended, groups participated in, and the posts added – all in one place and all tailored precisely to the user. They also allow the setting of preferences, profiles and communication rights.

Centre portals help learning organisations to accredit and manage their learning centre locations. Its lead-management functionality can assist in negotiating fees and licences whilst comprehensive documentation management tools ensure accreditation standards are reached and maintained.

ProConnect also simplifies the administration of qualifications, providing a single portal for all resources and information on the student lifecycle.

In doing so, the centre portal seamlessly self-serves candidate registration, communications, results processing and other key centre management features.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

ProConnect leverages the well-established Umbraco CMS to help clients achieve an enhanced digital experience for their members. It has no-cost open-source licensing, is simple to use and has almost unlimited potential. Umbraco is also robust enough to run sites for some of the largest membership, affinity and media organisations in the world.

Another attraction of this CMS is how easy it is to learn for content creators, webmasters, and web developers. Supported by an active global community of users, Umbraco can deliver beautiful, fast websites for desktop browsers while simultaneously providing an enhanced mobile experience from the same single set of content.

Another of its core strengths is flexibility. By using the Umbraco API, we can easily customise or add to ProConnect’s features based on client requirements.

It is built on Microsoft’s .Net framework and therefore seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft technologies and shares their industry-leading security protection.

Using this CMS with ProConnect allows us to create every kind of fully-featured website while still making it simple for clients to maintain and update content.

Our Focus

Protech has three key areas of focus we simplify to support our clients in:


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Track Record and Support Services

Protech has been adding value and helping clients to grow for over two decades. We are independent and staffed by experts rather than sales people. We were the first provider to deliver a government “OFFICIAL” security-accredited integrated web and CRM solution and are security certified to both ISO 27001:2013 and Cyber Essential PLUS standards.

Our case studies demonstrate that clients find and stay with us because of our unrivalled reputation for delivering on promises, our class-leading customer support, and because of the excellent suite of services that we offer.

These include on-boarding services to help clients quickly get up to speed with their new systems, and cloud services for clients that do not wish to host the ProConnect system themselves. We also handle data transformation to review and optimise client data and have extensive expertise in change management consultancy to ensure that the entire organisation is perfectly aligned to realise the maximum benefits from ProConnect. Finally, our integration services ensure that clients benefit from ProConnect’s flexibility to work seamlessly with a client’s online tools and business strategy.

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