Membership OnTrack Programme

As a recognised MemberWise supplier, Protech will once again be delivering a session around digital transformation for the Membership OnTrack programme. Membership OnTrack is a five month programme of sustained and structured support to help membership organisations get back on track and stay on track.

Membership OnTrack Session Information

Date: Tuesday February 9th 2021

Time: 11:00am – 12:00pm


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Digital Transformation Project Session Overview

Over the past nine months, the pandemic has forced many people to put their career plans on hold and adopt a more cautious financial approach. With the new year however has come hope of a return to normality. Leading professional membership organisations are starting to shift their focus, looking for ways to help members restart their career development.

At the heart of this is digital transformation in partnership with organisational change. Placing members at the heart of your business, then refining your organisation’s culture and digital processes to serve them, will be the critical factor in success.

Achieving this requires an extremely robust planning phase and simply knowing where to start remains a common challenge. The business case, objectives and outcomes need to be clearly understood and communicated. A skilled and motivated internal team needs to be assembled to work alongside the right technology partner and build new systems and processes. And as the project rolls out, proper resourcing and expert course-correction is essential to navigate the risks and hurdles that can often cause a retreat to the drawing board. Throughout each stage, this transformation demands a single-minded focus on reducing waste and adding value to the customer; something that can easily be lost along the way.

In this webinar, Protech will share lessons from its 25+ years of expertise in working with professional bodies on medium and large-scale digital transformation projects.

Takeaway actionable strategies

  1. Understand key areas of focus and recognise common pain points of a digital transformation process.
  2. Learn the importance of organisational development in placing members at the heart of your planning
  3. Develop actionable strategies that deliver the improvements in experience and value your members deserve

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