ProTech’s Chief Operating Officer Jenny Mctiernan discusses how an online personal experience for members of NFP’s is vital to their success. “A real online personalisation experience for members is about delivering the specific information that matters to that member, at the precise time they want it and in a way which is meaningful to them”

It is vital that membership organisations understand their members and then deliver specific content data, information and products that matter to their members. A prime example of this is the changing processes that the Chartered Management Institute has incorporated over a period of time.

It became apparent to CMI that they were not keeping pace with the needs and expectations of their members, particularly ‘Generation X’ members. Younger member’s expectations were very different in comparison to the traditional membership base meaning in order to grow the business they needed to evolve their technology platform whilst simultaneously delivering greater efficiencies through their operations. Through the Pro-8 CRM and ProWeb platform CMI are now able to use every opportunity to capture as much data as possible whilst members are active online which enables products and services to be tailored towards the needs of a particular individual and information can be targeted.

The success of CMI was based on aligning their CRM platform and website in terms of member experience.  This technology transformation, made possible by Pro-8 CRM and ProWeb has resulted in a dramatic increase of net promotor score, increased satisfaction of customers, major internal efficiency savings, as well as dramatically increasing CMI’s followership.

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Online Personalisation Insight (ProTech Computer Systems) from Richard Gott on Vimeo.