Protech will be delivering two thought leadership sessions for the Membership OnTrack programmme, with the first focusing on repositioning member engagement to retain and attract more members. The onTrack programme, created by the leading free membership and association professional network, MemberWise  is more than just a virtual event, it is a five-month programme of sustained and structured support to help membership organisations to get back and stay on track.

Session information

Repositioning member engagement as a driver of professional development


Today, people are having to make especially tough decisions about how they spend their money. The result for many membership organisations is that they are now struggling to retain and attract members.

Member engagement is often used as a measure of performance in this regard, but it has another function too. Focusing an organisation’s member engagement strategy on creating outcomes that benefit the member can have a compound effect on retention and acquisition rates. The more a member engages, the more benefits they receive and the better value their membership spending becomes.

But how can organisations apply this shift in focus? With economic upheaval, people are looking for new careers, a change of industry or a way to differentiate themselves as professionals. Organisations must respond by offering a truly intuitive, recognised and comprehensive professional development path with tangible outcomes for members. They should also remove every barrier to engagement if they wish to fully capitalise on the value they are adding.

This session will provide practical, timely actions that your organisation should take to deliver an engaging experience for members in 2020 and beyond.

Learning outcomes:

1.        How to remove the hurdles to member engagement by seamlessly linking your membership offering to professional development.
2.        How to realign your digital products to deliver tangible value to members that support their personal career objectives.
3.        How to make the right technology decisions to retain control and eliminate duplication as your organisation improves its member experience.

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