Personalisation is the Key

Wouldn’t it be great if increasing member engagement had dropped off the outstanding priority list for Not for Profit (NFP), Membership or Association organisations?

Why? Because it would mean that the sector had ‘cracked’ one of the biggest challenges it faces.

Sadly, the sector is not there yet and driving up membership engagement remains a ‘very hard nut to crack’ for NFP, Membership and Association professionals.

Help is at hand – MemberWise’s Member Engagement Hub and Member Engagement Toolkit has become a key online resource for professionals looking for help and advice, and Member Engagement is firmly on the agenda at the Membership Excellence Conference 2018 in April.

Member data: how do you get it and what do you do with it?

However, if you are one of the many membership professionals struggling to understand if and how your members engage with your organisation, it is worth stepping back and considering how you obtain the crucial information you need to ‘know’ about your members, where this data is held and what you are doing with it. The ability to personalise this data is the key to unlocking member engagement.

This article first appeared as a guest blog by Jenny Parsons on the MemberWise website, to read the full article click here