ClearCourse Guest Blog: instaGiv

SMS has become one of the most commonly used methods of communication today. Why? Well, because almost everyone either has access to or owns a mobile phone which is most likely within arm’s length of them at all times. Recent research has shown that 98% of texts sent will be opened by the end of the day, and 90% of these will be read within 3 minutes of being received. Outbound SMS can enhance your mobile engagement and marketing strategy by putting you in the hands of your members almost immediately. With instaGiv there are multiple solutions to help you reach your members. Let’s take a look at each of these.

Standard Outbound:This is a fully customisable SMS that you send to your members which you do not require a reply to. These are often used for information or marketing purposes. Keep your members or learners informed with important updates, meeting reminders, renewal information, enrolment information, examination dates, further progression and much more. You may also decide to have a URL within the message to direct traffic to your website, a landing page, or your social media accounts.

Response Request: This allows you to send a recipient list an outbound text, giving them the ability to reply to you. These are often used for call backs, email capture, support for petitions, event sign ups, registrations, voting and much more. Keep your members and learners engaged with a two-way communication channel and collect information you require from them. Our consent feature allows you to grow your opted-in contact list as well as ensure that you are compliant with all consent preferences.

Address Verification: This does what it says on the tin, captures the addresses of your members and learners. All information given is matched to a full UK address which is fully recorded and stored on your instaGiv account.Outbound campaigns with instaGiv are easy to set up and manage. Just upload a list of numbers to the InstaGiv platform, create a campaign and you’re ready to start sending out messages to thousands of members in seconds. You can also schedule messages in advance using the platform, meaning you can make sure important communications are sent out whilst you get on with your day to day tasks.

Like Protech, Instagiv is part of the ClearCourse group. To find out more about InstaGiv’s SMS engagement platform click here