Engagement is the foundation of any membership organisation. Whether the goal is to retain more members, improve new member acquisition, increase satisfaction or maximise revenue, engagement is fundamental.

Engaged members are more likely to participate and renew, and much more likely to become advocates for your organisation. But how can you achieve enhanced member engagement?

  1. Understand what matters: Survey your members and truly understand what matters to them. Discover how they found you, why they joined and what problem you are solving for them. Look for areas where this expectation does not match the service you deliver.
  2. Focus on value: Develop a member value statement to define what your members need and how you will provide it. Examine the value you provide from their perspective. Use this statement to guide your strategy decisions and share it to highlight member benefits.
  3.  Audit your website: The more information a member gives you on preferences, location and interests, the more personalised an experience you can provide. Does your current website encourage them to share this? Utilise website analytics to remove the hurdles to engagement.
  4. Analyse your data: A powerful CRM tool, integrated with your existing website, will help you to understand precisely how members are currently interacting with your organisation. Use this data to develop an engagement strategy that drives value.
  5.  Deliver a personalised experience: Members need to feel as though your organisation is talking directly to them. To achieve this, provide the specific information that matters to each member at the precise time they need it, and deliver it in a way which is meaningful to them.

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