Extending your membership offering to include events, helps to grow revenue, build engagement and increase the value provided to members. Events also help to reach new members and retain those that you already have.

Management of events however is often a complex and labour-intensive task with a multitude of processes, deadlines and stakeholders. Maximising the efficiency and effectiveness of your events is crucial.

  1. Communicate Strategically: Automating event communications is only a first step. Devise a full communication strategy for current and potential members. It will keep both target audiences engaged before, during and following an event, and deliver exponentially higher value.
  2. Optimise Bookings: Capturing dietary, timing, session and accessibility information during registration will streamline event organisation and provide a seamless delegate experience. Always also include an option to book now and update this information later
  3. Use Intelligent Pricing: Get creative with your price points. Rather than offering ad hoc discount codes, apply the data at your disposal to present personalised prices for affiliated or repeat attendees. Use these incentives to drive membership and engagement.
  4. Simplify business booking: Offer advanced booking options by connecting with approved or partner organisations to offer deferred payments, employee discounts and bulk company billing. Use this functionality as a mechanism to simplify the financial reconciliation process and incentivise group attendance
  5. Analyse and Improve: Use registration and payment data to analyse the performance and value of your events. A simplified dashboard view can show key metrics on attendance and finances while driving future engagement and continuous improvement.

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