Professional qualifications allow members to maintain or enhance their knowledge while certifying their competency within in a subject area. For professional awarding organisations, they are a vital tool in diversifying product portfolios and enhancing revenues. Managing these qualifications from enrolment through to certification involves many complex processes.

These are often handled manually and can present a challenging experience for learners. How can you achieve a streamlined qualification experience for your learners?

  1. Plan the journey: Map your learner’s journey from enrolment through to certification. Include every communication or data exchange, to help highlight duplicate steps and dead ends in the journey. Identify the areas where Digital and CRM strategy will help streamline the learner journey
  2. Combine Data: Supporting learners through a qualification means passing them and their information through multiple stages. Look for ways to bulk-process this data. It will reduce manual processing and allow your employees to focus on adding value in other ways
  3. Utilise Portals: If you work with partner centres to offer qualifications, integrate your data to help and engage the learner. A central portal can simplify the journey, and ensure information is easily accessible to learners, centres and stakeholders, whilst ensuring every part of the process operates at the same high standard.
  4. Reward Learners: Awarding bodies should use learners’ achievements as an opportunity to reward them with increased value. Automatically uplift their membership grade or reconnect in a meaningful way. Use this to remind learners of your membership benefits.
  5. Achieve More. Together: Position your organisation as a sector leader to increase the value of your learners’ qualifications. Optimise the online experience with a single sign-on for all eLearning content and e-assessments. Prompt learners to move onto the next stage of their journey.

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