As part of the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors’ (Chartered IIA) drive to improve its effectiveness as a service provider to its members, Protech’s powerful engagement management software, ProConnect, has supported the Institute’s deployment of a new technology platform to increase its self-service functionality and e-commerce capability.

ProConnect consists of a suite of customer-facing solutions including websites, CMS, portals and applications, all underpinned by Protech’s specialist CRM functionality.

Protech’s ProConnect, a Government ‘OFFICIAL’ security accredited solution, now allows Chartered IIA members to renew their subscriptions, book services and buy products via its e-commerce optimised website and crucially, make online payments using a direct debit sign-up.

“Providing self-service functionality enhances member engagement with us by making it quick and easy for them to access the information they want, and to do and pay for, the things they want,” said Steve Rainbird, Programme Manager (Products & Systems) for the Chartered IIA. “Previously these member actions and the resulting payments had to be carried out over the phone or payment had to be made via a cheque!”

Protech’s team has worked closely with the Institute and its web development partner to develop web services and functionality, utilising the features and functionality of Umbraco, to enable the Chartered IIA to roll out automated online event booking programmes. This self-service functionality has already resulted in two thirds of bookings completed online and the aim for 2016 is to increase this to 85-90%.

ProConnect’s workflow engine delivers benefits from automated back office and website driven processes that significantly improve the Chartered IIA’s efficiency and productivity. As an example, Protech’s workflow functionality now automatically issues acknowledgment emails for invoices and receipts upon payment.

Leveraging Protech’s easily configurable and flexible engagement management software, designed to allow reconfiguration as necessary by Protech’s clients, the new technology platform delivers improved CRM functionality for the Chartered IIA. The ability to carry out greater in-house customisation ensures that the Institute can respond to the evolving requirements of both internal users and its members.

The Chartered IIA undertook a detailed tender process to find a CRM solution that would deliver integration across the Institute’s business units and deliver a technology platform from which to introduce e-commerce.

“We felt that ProConnect combined with Protech’s 300+ open APIs, was the best fit overall. It provides a complete solution that meets the Institute’s CRM and workflow requirements by delivering features and functionality around our Membership, Events, Qualifications, Finance and CRM requirements. ProConnect has workflow, process automation and reporting capability at its core, delivered in a single application that fully integrates with our website,” said Rainbird.

“Another key factor in our choice of Protech was its 20+ years of expertise delivering specialist technology and change management solutions across the Not for Profit (NFP) sector and its customer base of NFP clients who were able to provide valuable reference site feedback,” added Rainbird.

Following an organisation wide scoping stage to define the Institute’s specific requirements and a phased implementation over 12 months, the project to deploy Protech’s CRM solution was delivered within budget and with the milestones set by the Chartered IIA met. All business units were live within 16 months from the start date.

“Our Protech Project Manager was able to demonstrate to the Institute’s internally appointed IT project auditor that the programme was under control at all times,” said Rainbird.

A critical factor in the success of this deployment was migration of existing data from the legacy system. Protech achieved this and in addition rationalised the data ensuring that the Institute would achieve the optimal performance from ProConnect.

“Protech’s support of our new technology platform is helping the Institute to deliver on its objective to make our systems and processes fit for purpose across many areas of our organisation. Alongside our website functionality, this allows us to offer e-commerce capability, which is helping us improve our members’ experience,” said the Institute’s chief executive, Dr Ian Peters.

NB:Following Protech’s recent rebranding and repositioning, its Pro9 software and ProWeb digital platform are now delivered as ProConnect.

About the Chartered IIA

The Chartered IIA has been leading the profession of internal auditing since 1948 and became the Chartered Institute of Internal Auditors on 1st October, 2010. It is the only body focused exclusively on internal auditing. Its International Standards and Code of Ethics bind a global community of over 180,000 internal auditors in 170 countries and over 9000 members in the UK and Ireland.

Internal Auditors help protect the organisations they work for by assessing whether all significant risks are properly identified, controlled and reported to the board, usually via the audit committee; and by challenging executive management to improve the effectiveness of governance, risk management and internal controls.

About Protech

For more than 23 years, Protech has been developing software that helps professional bodies and membership organisations to simplify their membership, professional development and event management tasks. At the heart of our solution is ProConnect, powerful engagement management software which helps our clients to successfully interact, transact and engage with their members, learners and customers.

ProConnect is Government security accredited and consists of a suite of customer-facing solutions including: websites, CMS, portals and apps, all underpinned by our specialist Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality.

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