Our Vision

Protech was founded in 1994 to support professional bodies with their digital transformation. More specifically, we support professional membership, awarding and trade association to increase engagement, enhance customer relationships and improve their operational efficiency. After more than 20 years of growth, we are proud to still be motivated by the same essential vision and still be supporting some of the country’s leading organisations to achieve more..

Protech helps to facilitate the sense of belonging between people and their organisations, enabling them to achieve more. together.

Pursuing this vision means listening to our clients and applying our specialist experience to support their digital transformation and understand precisely where their challenge. It means designing software like ProConnect, that is underpinned by CRM functionality and includes specialist functionality to simplify membership, professional development and event management tasks. It also means doing business and supporting our clients in a transparent and ethical manner. Everything you would expect from an award-winning company.

Protech is part of the ClearCourse group. ClearCourse companies provide innovative, integrated software solutions that grow with your business, adding essential functionality that helps you achieve your goals. By working with a ClearCourse company you benefit from a technology partner with a deep understanding of your organisational challenges, the security that comes from private equity backing and the collective years of experience across the group.

Visit the ClearCourse website to find out more.

Delivering on our Promises

Selecting a new business partner is an important part of any organisation’s growth and so we’re proud to regularly see measurable results from our client digital transformation projects, backing up our promises.


of our digital transformation projects are still delivered to the original budget


of our digital transformation projects are also delivered by their original target date

These are very rare achievements within any project delivery industry, let alone one as complex as ours. We believe that all businesses should demand these kinds of important achievement metrics from their software provider. As our case studies demonstrate, they’re areas in which we consistently excel.

This track record of results is the reason that so many of the UK’s most trusted and respected organisations choose Protech as their digital partner. Our average client retention is now more than 10 years and that only happens when a company and its people continue to solve problems and deliver on promises.

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