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Read about how this highly respected Professional Body, the Chartered Management Institute has deployed Pro-8 CRM to dramatically grow its membership, automate back office processes and drive up standards in management across all sectors of business.

The Client

The Chartered Management Institute are a professional body that have been dedicated to promoting the highest standards in management and leadership for over 60 years. They achieved Chartered status in 2002 and now over 100,000 members use their services on a daily basis. As an awarding body, they offer a range of courses and qualifications to encourage personal development and improve performance of managers and leaders at any level, and remain the only awarding body able to award an individual with Chartered Manager status. CMI also offer services to businesses, including tackling HR issues like talent management, employee engagement and change management. Due to the success and high return on investment delivered by CMI interventions, they enjoy an authoritative mandate from the management community and are a powerful ally to their individual and corporate members alike.

In 2011 CMI identified that their existing bespoke membership system was no longer fit for purpose due to its lack of CRM functionality, inability to integrate with MS office and its cumbersome web interface. With membership then standing at approximately 80,000 members, CMI recognised that developing effective customer relationships was critical if it was to maintain its current trend of membership growth and increase member retention. This led them to prioritise finding a software solution that would underpin their growth strategy whilst simultaneously delivering significant efficiency savings. Following a classic procurement approach, a long list of suppliers was reduced to a short list including ASI, MS Dynamics, IRIS and ProTech. Following a rigorous and inclusive selection process, ProTech were selected to provide a full Pro-8™ software implementation in conjunction with ProWeb™ to deliver a fully integrated platform.

The Project

The project plan was based on a one year implementation timeframe with the deliverables split into three phases to minimise the impact on the business arising from the change management required. Core CRM including Sales and Marketing was delivered first, followed by Finance and Membership before finally Education (to deliver their Awarding Body / Accreditation requirements) and Events.

Installing Pro-8™ at the heart of their system structure required integration with multiple legacy systems. CMI used Pro-8™ and ProWeb™ to rebuild and integrate the new website with Pro-8™ to facilitate member self-service and online membership registrations. Pro-8™ was also integrated with their accredited centre management system (the HUB) and CPD management tool (Management Direct) to feed in data from all customer touch points creating a central, shared source of information in Pro-8™ CRM.

CMI had a particular need for a mass mailing tool to send out regular communications, including their monthly e-newsletters to over 70,000 members, which are automatically personalised to include region and member specific content. They also send regular mailing campaigns to coincide with press releases, research launches and product launches. Pro-8™ CRM campaigns and ProMailer™ captures full visibility and statistics on open and click through rates in real time, and CMI have used this as part of their drive for member growth, retention and engagement. Hand in hand with this, ProTech implemented workflow and reporting capability to follow up communication with members with further more targeted communication, to maximise the relevance and benefit of this communication to the members and to CMI.

As part of the member registration process, CMI deliberately capture a minimal set of information for ease of registration to minimise deterrents for people going through the joining process. This results in new records having a limited set of useful information in the system. To help combat this, CMI embarked on a joint project with ProTech to include new functionality in Pro-8™ called the ‘Golden Record’, in order to finesse data captured in the initial engagement. Golden Record shows administrators a ‘traffic light’ visual to surface profile completeness at a glance and highlights missing information to encourage them to complete the profile during any engagement with the customer. This has fostered growth in sales and revenue through more robust customer insight, more targeted communications through improved data quality, and greater confidence in product and proposition development.

The Outcomes

Using Pro-8™ CRM in conjunction with ProWeb has allowed CMI to benefit from the Pro-8™ CRM workflow engine to deliver back office and website driven process automation. This has significantly improved efficiency of their internal processes and is best evidenced through the following statistics:

  • CMI process circa 5,000 membership renewals each month. The legacy system would take a full working week to process these renewals; Pro-8™ completes in less than two hours.
  • CMI send approximately 2,000 membership renewal reminders a month. The legacy system processed these in three days; Pro-8™ completes in less than two hours.
  • CMI Journals are sent to up to 100,000 members a month. Previously handled in a day; Pro-8™ completes in less than half an hour.
  • Member welcome packs fully automated and delivered to new members in less than 5 minutes compared with 3 weeks before implementation of Pro-8™ workflow.

Further to the above efficiency benefits, CMI used the implementation of Pro-8™ as a catalyst to encourage adoption of Lean processes within the organisation, in order to streamline processes and drive out waste work. Together with automation of routine tasks including ‘welcome to membership’ joining emails and automated delivery of reports through scheduling, Pro-8™ has delivered real efficiency improvements and tangible benefits to CMI employees as well as its member population. Additional benefits include:

  • Member retention increased to 88%.
  • Net promoter score for members increased from 15 in 2013 to 54 in 2015.
  • Member community increased by 40,000 in 3 years.
  • 502 new partner memberships in 18 months, generating £250,000 of new annual revenue.
  • 80% of new members now join online and over 40% (and rising) now renew online.

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Project Contact

Jenny McTiernan

Chief Operating Officer

Read what the client had to say

The Chartered Management Institute demonstrates how integration between its digital platform and the Pro-8 CRM has enabled The Institute to grow its membership, retain existing members and deliver online personalisation”.

Jenny McTiernan

Chief Operating Officer

ProTech Computer Systems Ltd

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