Digital transformation – It should start with people and strategy as opposed to technology, but often doesn’t. In Protech’s 25 years’ experience, systems transformation alone will not be enough for Awarding Bodies to grow and keep pace with learners demands.

A review and analysis of your organisations business strategy on a consistent basis is vital. The analysis should include an evaluation of your overall value proposition. Diversifying your qualification offering could help you to achieve enhanced revenue and organisation growth.

Gathering learners’ experiences and understanding what matters to them is a good starting point in making informed strategic decisions. Here are some handy tips that dependent on your learners’ preferences could help your organisation to grow and streamline its qualification process to enhance efficiencies:

1. Track learners through their journey to generate enhanced revenue

Awarding bodies who offer qualifications through centres are often not aware of the stage that each learner is within their journey. The uninvolved approach to engagement and administration at various stages of their learning journey presents a missed opportunity to enhance revenue.

Mapping out your learners’ journey and identifying the various touchpoints that present a chance to engage, communicate and push out value-added offerings such as eLearning content, journals, qualifications and membership schemes which provides an opportunity to generate enhanced revenue.

A central portal integrated with a CRM system will help awarding bodies to control activity and engagement between learners, registered centres and their organisation. The central portal and CRM system will support administration and provide the tools to engage with their learners at appropriate points of their learning journey.

2.   Endorse online qualifications through your brand power

Qualification administration is often an arduous time-consuming process.  If your organisation has a strong, recognised brand you could consider endorsing online qualifications provided by other organisations and centres. This strategy is likely to reduce overheads for administering qualifications, whilst also ensuring an enhanced number of learners are carrying out qualifications your awarding organisation seal of approval.

3. Provide assessments online to improve organisation efficiencies

AQQ Chief Executive Andrew Hall stated in 2014 that “Most UK exams will be digital and paperless by 2018-2019”. So why in 2020, are there still multiple barriers for awarding organisations to host their exams online?

  • Different departments require different systems
  • Learners and other stakeholders demand a personalised, intuitive, streamlined experience

Online e-assessments can result significant cost savings as the cost of paper, copying and distribution expenses are eliminated. There are two primary routes for delivering e-assessments:

On Demand: Your learners experience with you is likely to improve as exams can be conducted anywhere at any time, providing increased flexibility for the Learner. All the learner will require is an internet connection. Reduced manual processes around marking and certification will also be experienced, as this should automatically be carried out within the student management/ CRM system.

Test Centre Network: Transition your paper-based test locations into a test centre network, Providing learners with the opportunity to take an e-assessment at various test centre locations across the globe. This will have a positive cost and environmental impact, as the cost of paper, copying and distribution expenses will be eliminated.

4. Consider a direct student model

As opposed or in addition to offering qualifications through centres, awarding bodies should consider moving to a direct student model, by offering a simple online user journey for students to enrol onto a qualification through their website directly. If your awarding body is already a well-known brand, this strategy should be considered as a self-service approach for learners will reduce manual processing and centre fees.

5. Create strategic relationships with other learning institutions to upsell qualifications and other products and services

Links to other learning institutions such as universities and training providers who can  endorse membership can help to enhance organisation revenue. This means that when a learner completes a degree or course, they are provided with the opportunity to join as a member for a discounted rate. If the learner choses to accept the offer to become a member, the membership revenue will be obtained as well as opportunities to cross sell other products and services such as apprenticeships, events and further learning.

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