ProConnect will help the British Sociological Association meet current and future organisational and technology requirements to:

  • Improve operational efficiencies
  • Increase member and stakeholder value
  • Deliver return on investment

The British Sociological Association(BSA) has chosen to implement Protech’s highly-secure and powerful engagement software, ProConnect, to help the Association achieve its vision of becoming the natural home of researchers and teachers of sociology in the UK. ProConnect consists of a suite of customer-facing solutions including websites, CMS, portals and applications, all underpinned by Protech’s specialist CRM functionality.

“Our existing CRM solution can no longer deliver the features and functionality needed to meet our developing organisational requirements. We need a robust, fully-integrated CRM which will underpin the BSA’s growth, ensuring that we are the first port of call for anyone seeking advice or information about the discipline of sociology in the UK,” said Judith Mudd, CEO for the BSA.

In order to select the CRM solution which will meet its specific requirements, including integrated membership and event management functionality, the BSA partnered with Waterstons, a Business IT Consultancy. Waterstons conducted a tender process on behalf of the BSA.

“It was important that we chose a CRM solution that can be tailored to meet our organisations’ evolving technology requirements and deliver value for our current and future members and non-members by meeting their demands and expectations,” said Mudd. “Waterstons’ expertise in helping us to identify the best CRM solution for us was invaluable.”

Protech’s ProConnect was selected by the BSA as it overcame the challenges presented by its existing solution, with the delivery of:

  • Integration between the BSA’s website and ProConnect. Member data entered into the website will be captured and maintained via ProConnect’s CRM functionality to deliver a ‘single customer view’, providing one source of truth i.e. a single version of data that can be used throughout the BSA. This will greatly minimise duplication and the additional effort and risk around potentially inaccurate data residing in multiple systems and within unregulated and unsupported Excel spreadsheets.
  • Self-service capability for BSA members providing a value driven online member experience, enabling them to sign-up, manage and update their membership record and register for advertised BSA organised events and conferences. This self-service functionality removes the need for time and resource-hungry manual business processes.
  • The ability for non-BSA members to log-in to view applications and submissions to BSA events and conferences at the same time as restricting their access to the members’ area.
  • Integration between the membership and events functionality and the BSA’s finance system, providing a seamless payment process for members joining or renewing their membership and for members and non-members registering for an event or conference.

Protech’s proven track record within the Professional Membership sector and its ability to deliver integrated CRM, membership, conference and events features and functionality in a structured manner to minimise all risk issues during implementation, was a key factor in its choice by the BSA.

“We are confident that Protech’s cost-effective, highly-secure engagement management software will deliver a return on investment (ROI) for the BSA. It will enable increased efficiency around operational processes, quicker access to more consistent management information and analytics and an increase in the value delivered to our members and stakeholders through a significant improvement in levels of customer service and collaboration,” added Mudd.

NB:Following Protech’s recent rebranding and repositioning, its Pro9 software and ProWeb digital platform are now delivered as ProConnect.

About the British Sociological Association

Founded in 1951, the British Sociological Association (BSA) is the national subject association for sociologists in the UK and its primary objective is to promote sociology. The BSA is the largest sociological network in the UK and is the public face of sociology in Britain.

Membership of the BSA is open to everyone interested in the study of sociology. The BSA actively promotes the study of sociology through a number of key activities, i.e. running a wide range of events and public lectures across the UK, publishing leading-edge academic journals, organising and operating a network of over 40 study groups and several special interest groups and providing a network of communication to all who are concerned with the promotion and use of sociology and sociological research. The Association represents UK sociology on key bodies both nationally and internationally and works closely with allied organisations to influence policies affecting sociology within the wider social sciences remit.

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About Protech

For more than 23 years, Protech has been developing software that helps professional bodies and membership organisations to simplify their membership, professional development and event management tasks. At the heart of our solution is ProConnect, powerful engagement management software which helps our clients to successfully interact, transact and engage with their members, learners and customers.

ProConnect is Government security accredited and consists of a suite of customer-facing solutions including: websites, CMS, portals and apps, all underpinned by our specialist Customer Relationship Management (CRM) functionality.

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