Transforming The Operational Efficiency Of Your NFP.... The Verdict

25 April 2017

Transforming The Operational Efficiency Of Your NFP... The Verdict

Association News' Editor Michael Hoare's report on ProTech Seminar Day

So, you run a membership organisation, and you’ve got that despondent feeling that your group is underperforming. Nothing concrete, but you’ve got that sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach that you’re not on top of your game. Maybe you could be slicker. Perhaps it’s time for a new membership category or a new service to get you back in the game. Or even time to bring your tech systems up to date: even cut overheads by switching some of your time-consuming member admin burden to self-service!

Start with the CRM system, then think through your membership categories? Who knows, you might even interest members in a certified training scheme, or at least ginger up your current offering with some virtual reality? But all that costs money. And, even if you could convince the Board, where would you begin? Better do some research or, better still, give someone else the task of investigating the market? At least that way you can say you’re making progress!

Well, if you were really lucky, shortly after having those nagging doubts, you would have found yourself sitting-in on ProTech’s recent seminar entitled ‘Improving Your NFP’. Not just because it brought together a group of like-minded individuals, but because among its speakers were experts in CRM systems; providers of assessment, certification, and workforce learning; pioneers in learning technologies; and workers at the coal-face of data and business strategy.

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