ProTech at TechSmart 2016

06 December 2016

'ProTech at TechSmart 2016'

'ProTech participate in Hart Square's first ever TechSmart Conference as lead sponsor'

ProTech participated in Hart Square’s first ever TechSmart conference at Fenchurch Place, London on the 30th November as a lead sponsor. ProTech’s COO Jenny McTiernan presented a ‘TED-style Talk’ and ProTech’s stand showcased the products and services that make the company a leading provider of technology and change management solutions to the NFP sector.

'Make the Right CRM Choice’

McTiernan’s TED-style Talk was entitled ‘Make the Right CRM Choice’ and highlighted the key issues around ‘best of breed’ and ‘one size fits all’ CRM solutions.

Key topics discussed included:

  • A market appraisal of the options available to NFPs.
  • Industry commentary comparing platform solutions – Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce.
  • An assessment of ‘best of breed’ vs ‘one size fits all’ solutions.
  • How ProTech’s ‘best of breed’ CRM and digital solution can transform your NFP’s performance.

McTiernan went on to talk about how ‘one size fits all’ CRM solutions need to be ‘tweaked’ for the NFP sector and cannot deliver the same level of features and functionality as a solution developed  specifically for this marketplace, leaving NFPS to procure 3rd party products and attempt integration with the one size fits all solution.

By comparison, a CRM designed specifically for the NFP sector will have easily configurable, specifically designed NFP modules that have workflow, process automation and reporting at their core, developed from a deep knowledge and understanding of the sector.

ProTech’s solution includes modules for Membership & Subscriptions, Learning & Education Management, CPD, Event Management, Marketing & Campaigns Fundraising and Annual Appeal.

An NFP specific CRM such as ProTech’s Pro-8 offers at least an 85%+ fit ‘out of the box’ for all core business requirements without the need for any technical configuration.

McTiernan also highlighted that many NFPs agree that web and CRM integration remains a major challenge within the sector, evidenced by the MemberWise Harnessing the Web Report 2016. The report revealed that a significant number of NFPs are still grappling with CRM and Web integration - or more specifically, the need for integration in the first place.

McTiernan also said: that “A personalised, website experience is vital for member engagement and can be delivered through the latest Enterprise Web Content Management System, (CMS) in addition to the CRM solution.

 “Integrating a CMS with a CRM can be complex, time consuming and costly. It is likely that an NFP’s chosen digital agency will be responsible for creating its website and integrating with the chosen CRM supplier. Deeper personalisation and more complex user journeys may mean that the digital agency and the IT department could struggle with the complexities of the CRM integration.

“By delivering a single integrated CRM and web platform, ProTech provides a single point of support – eradicating a potential conflict of interest, between your digital agency and your CRM provider in the event of technical issues”.

ProTech’s best of breed solution, integrating its Pro-8 (CRM software) and Pro Web (digital platform including a CMS) offers NFPs an alternative which is proven to be lower risk, lower cost, faster to implement and delivers long term significant benefits when compared to a one size fits all solution.

Read how ProTech’s technology platform successfully supported the Chartered IIA member service strategy here

Michael Hoare, editor of the leading newsletter for the Membership sector, Association News produced a report, TechSmart the verdict. To read the full report click here

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