ProTech Announces CRM Security Accreditation

30 November 2016

'ProTech Announces CRM Security Accreditation' 

ProTech’s COO, Jenny McTiernan, officially announces CRM Security Accreditation. 

By adding ProWeb and ProCloud to its specialist CRM software Pro-8, ProTech is meeting NFP organisations’ demands for secure, integrated web and CRM solutions. NFPs can now quickly, easily and cost effectively bring together their often dated, heavily bespoke, inflexible, disparate CRM legacy systems, websites and information into a single digital platform which has achieved Government ‘OFFICIAL’ Security accreditation. The ProTech CRM platform can be deployed on-premise or as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).

“With security of data becoming an increasing issue for every NFP organisation, we understood the need to offer a highly secure solution,” said Jenny McTiernan, ProTech’s Chief Operating Officer. “To ensure we are able to deliver the level of data protection our clients are now looking for, ProTech has worked with an independent Government certified (CHECK) organisation and our specialist CRM and digital solution was successfully penetration tested to meet the security requirements for Government ‘OFFICIAL’ accreditation.”

The full story can be seen here.


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