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17 August 2017

'ProTech accepted onto G-Cloud marketplace, bringing highly-secure cloud based CRM software to procurement teams within the public sector'

As a Crown Commercial Service Supplier, ProTech is pleased to announce that it has been accepted onto the latest iteration of the UK Government’s digital marketplace, often referred to as the G-Cloud framework - G-Cloud 9.

ProTech’s cloud-based CRM software, Pro9 is now available on the digital marketplace enabling public sector procurement teams to quickly and easily find a CRM technology provider to help them meet the challenges around successfully implementing digital projects.

Public sector procurement teams will have access to ProTech’s full portfolio of cloud software solutions. Our solutions can be used by all organisations within the UK public sector including those within central government, local government, health, education, emergency services, defence and not for profit organisations.

“With the public sector facing more challenges than ever, the demand for reliable and cost effective digital solutions has never been greater,” said Jenny Parsons, COO of ProTech.

“Many public sector organisations find digital transformation a challenging and lengthy process. The digital marketplace is a great way for procurement teams to find a cost effective solution to help them overcome deployment challenges and meet their business requirements.” added Parsons.

G-Cloud’s software service (fully EU compliant), provides easy access to comprehensive descriptions of ProTech’s solution  for Membership Management, Learning, Education & Professional Development and Event & Conference Management - all are underpinned by the CRM functionality delivered by Pro9 – enabling Public Sector organisations to increase productivity and customer service levels at the same time as reducing operating costs.

With security of data becoming an increasing issue for all public sector organisations, ProTech understands the need to offer a highly-secure solution and has worked with an independent Government certified (CHECK) organisation. Our cloud-based CRM software has been successfully penetration tested to meet the security requirements for Government ‘OFFICIAL’ accreditation.

To see the full list of ProTech’s cloud solutions available within the digital marketplace, please click here

About the Crown Commercial Service:

The Crown Commercial Service (CCS) has brought together Government’s central commercial capability into a single organisation, amalgamating Government Procurement Service with other commercial teams from the Cabinet Office and central government departments.

CCS is an executive agency of the Cabinet Office and operates as a trading fund under the Government Trading Funds Act 1973. Their remit is to work with both departments and organisations across the whole of the public sector to ensure maximum value is extracted from every commercial relationship and improve the quality of service delivery.

The CCS goal is to become the “go-to” place for expert commercial and procurement services.

With both service delivery and advisory capability, services include contract management and supplier performance management to ensure that the Government acts as a true, single customer; freeing up individual organisations to focus their procurement expertise on what is unique to them.


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