Data Protection, are you aware of the risks?

26 September 2016

'Jenny McTiernan provides interesting insight into Data Protection'

Jenny McTiernan provided an interesting insight on the topic of Data Protection when presenting at Crowe Clark Whitehall, Manchester at their annual charity day.

The key features of the presentation included: 

What are the 8 Data Protection Principles? Factors that that must be adhered to when disclosing personal information

When is data personal? How Information commissioner’s office guidance has significantly narrowed what information will amount to “personal data”

When does personal data become sensitive? The factors in which information is deemed to be “sensitive personal data”

When can you use data for a particular purpose? Has the data subject been informed data made be used for a new purpose and have all other legal obligations been considered?

When can you process personal data? The conditions that need to be adhered to when processing specific data and the serious consequences for you if you breach the regulations

Technological Vulnerabilities that should be protected against and considered. The vital steps that charities should undertake for protection against the ‘insider threat’

 To read the full presentation please click here

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