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The Society for Endocrinology are a world leading authority on hormones. Read how Protech's CRM solution will meet the Societies complex requirements. 

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'ProTech Ensures Society for Endocrinology Takes Full Advantage of CRM'

Aldridge, West Midlands, UK:  6 September, 2016 - Recognising its need for a specialist CRM solution the Society for Endocrinology (the Society) has upgraded the previous version of its ProTechmembership software, to ProTech’s highly secure Government ‘OFFICIAL’ security accredited integrated web and CRM platform, specifically developed for the Not for Profit (NFP) sector.

“We first deployed a ProTech software solution ten years ago when it was the only provider able to meet the Society’s and its commercial subsidiary Bioscientifica’s complex multi-organisational membership requirements,” said Richard Cropley, Head of IT and Business Systems for the Society. Bioscientifica not only manages the Society’s membership requirements, it also administers association management services for client organisations operating in similar fields.

 “Our requirements have evolved and we wanted a secure, scalable CRM solution that would continue to handle our multi-organisational requirement, support our growing marketing and communications activity, provide an overview of members, their journeys and engagement with the Society and with Bioscientifica’s client organisations. The solution also had to integrate with our best of breed back office systems” said Cropley.

Following a high-level market appraisal the Society took the decision to upgrade its existing ProTech software to ProTech’s integrated web and CRM platform.

ProTech was chosen as the Society’s preferred CRM provider as it already had an established and successful relationship with the ProTech team. ProTech’s Pro-8™ specialist CRM software provided the easily configurable specialist NFP modules the Society required: Membership & Subscriptions, Marketing & Campaigns and Sales Ledger.

ProTech’s specialist NFP modules, delivered in a single application, have workflow, process automation and reporting capability at their core. Learning & Education Management, CPD, Event Management, Annual Appeal and Fundraising modules are also available within Pro-8.

“Pro-8 combined with ProTech’s web services, met our specific CRM requirements and because we were already working with its team an upgrade presented a lower risk and was more cost effective than a full system replacement,” said Cropley.

Another advantage of upgrading to ProTech’s CRM platform was that the learning curve for users would be minimised as they already had extensive experience of ProTech’s software and its user interface (UI).

Of particular importance to the Society was Pro-8’s ability, unlike other providers, to offer flexible user defined data (UDD) enabling users to add fields allowing specific additional data to be easily and securely captured.

Pro-8 also enables the Society to benefit from its record relationship functionality which provides users with a graphical view of past, current and future relationships between records. Whilst this is a feature of many CRM systems, Pro-8 offers users a high level of sophistication whilst maintaining simplicity of use. 

Utilising ProTech’s web services (300+ open APIs) it has been possible to optimise the performance of the Society and Bioscientifica websites and to offer improved self-service capabilities for members.

ProTech’s integrated web and CRM platform has allowed the Society to address issues of data quality, identify efficiencies and establish CRM best practice.

The Society will now be able to improve and better record communication with its members and track their journeys within organisations, helping to increase member retention and highlight potential opportunities for member recruitment.

ProTech’s CRM platform has driven changes in business processes that will deliver more accurate and timely reporting across the Society and Bioscientifica’s client organisations. Increased efficiencies will save both time and money in the long term although this will take some time to be realised.

To accelerate ongoing development of the Society’s CRM solution and to ensure it continues to achieve the maximum benefits ProTech’s CRM platform delivers, the Society created a key new role within the organisation, that of CRM Systems Manager.

 “The upgrade to the new CRM platform has been a learning curve for all of us but we have continued to have a good relationship with ProTech at all levels of the organisation. The entire ProTech team has worked, and continues to work, very closely with us throughout the project and has been very responsive to all of our requests for assistance,” said Deanne Nicholls, who fulfils the new role of CRM Systems Manager for the Society.

 “Ensuring that we successfully met the requirements of each of Bioscientifica’s client organisations at the same time as implementing a standard CRM procedure for the Society, was a huge challenge which ProTech has helped us to overcome,” said Cropley.

The Society plans to extend the use of Pro-8 to integrate contact information from its and Bioscientifica’s other activities in sales, publishing and events to allow the identification of further business prospects, manage the sales pipeline and drive further integration with its existing finance system.

About the Society for Endocrinology:

The Society for Endocrinology is a UK- based membership organisation representing a global community of scientists, clinicians and nurses who work with hormones. Since 1946, it has been a leading voice of endocrinology worldwide and aims to improve public health by advancing scientific and clinical endocrine education and research. The Society seeks to serve the public interest by engaging patients, policy-makers, educators and the public with hormone science.

For more info visit:

About ProTech:

For more than 20 years ProTech has been delivering specialist CRM software and change management services to the Not for Profit (NFP) sector.

Its Pro-8 CRM software operates in a Microsoft environment and delivers easily configurable specialist NFP modules with CRM, workflow, process automation and reporting capability at their core: Membership & Subscriptions, Learning & Education, CPD, Event Management, Annual Appeal, Fundraising, Marketing & Campaigns and Sales Ledger.

By adding ProWeb, (secure digital platform) and ProCloud (a fully managed Cloud CRM offering) to its specialist CRM and change management solution portfolio, ProTech delivers a Government ‘OFFICIAL’ security accredited fully integrated web and CRM platform.

ProTech’s Lean3S, change management methodology based on Lean and Systems Thinking, ensures that NFPs can fully optimise their investment in ProTech’s fully integrated web and CRM technology platform.


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