Protech is Institute of Brewing & Distilling's 'Top Tipple' from Cellar of CRM Providers

ProWeb, Protech's digital platform integrated with Pro9, its Specialist CRM software will help the Institute transform its capabilites and deliver its strategy through: 

  • A value driven online experience for members and other key stakeholders
  • Improvements in customer service, greater engagement and collaboration with members and stakeholders
  • Quicker access to more consistent management information and analytics
  • More efficient operational processes

London, UK: 25 July, 2018 –  The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) has chosen to deploy Protech's integrated web and CRM solution to play a key role in transforming the IBD’s technology capabilities to help the IBD achieve its vision of delivering the most respected and widely recognised qualifications and education for professional brewers and distillers worldwide.

“To successfully deliver the IBD’s strategy, ensuring that we achieve our vision and plan for future development in new areas, we needed to review our existing business systems and processes, including our CRM solution,” said Dr Jerry Avis the IBD’s CEO. 

“We worked closely with Purple, Business and Technology Consulting, to carry out a comprehensive evaluation of the CRM marketplace,” said Avis. “Following a detailed market evaluation and tender process supported by Purple, IBD selected ProTech as our CRM and digital provider. We will be deploying Protech’s digital platform ProWeb, and its Pro9 specialist CRM software, which provides a fully integrated web and CRM solution capable of meeting our specific technology requirements.”

The Pro9 CRM software will deliver membership and subscriptions, event management and qualifications modules, underpinned by Protech’s workflow, sales ledger and reporting functionality to drive process automation and simplify customer service delivery processes.

“Our focus on providing qualifications, education and lifelong learning for our members was a key factor when selecting our new CRM provider,” said Deborah Kennedy, Programme Manager at IBD.“Protech’s education module is fully integrated with Pro9 and ProWeb and our existing assessment provider has a close relationship with Protech so its software fully integrates with Pro9.”

ProWeb and its content management system (CMS) capability will underpin the delivery of a new website for IBD which will fully integrate with its Pro9 software. This integration will provide a value driven enhanced online experience for IBD’s members providing sophisticated user journeys with a consistent look and feel from initial registration to ongoing engagement. Crucially, the integrated solution will also deliver personalised, relevant content to members and customers.

Protech’s integrated web and CRM solution, will enable us to deploy a future proof technology platform which will increase our operational efficiencies by providing real time access to accurate management information and analytics and increased integration with our key business processes, and finance systems,” said Kennedy.

Protech’s information and reporting capability will give us to the opportunity to use the data captured by Pro9 to further drive member engagement and deliver increased member value through the provision of content that is relevant and personalised for individual members and which they will want to access and read,” added Avis.

About the Institute of Brewing & Distilling

The Institute of Brewing & Distilling (IBD) is the world’s leading professional body for people working in brewing and distilling. As an international professional and educational body the IBD promotes “The advancement of the education and professional development in the science and technology of brewing, distilling, and related industries.

Dating back to 1886 the IBD now has over 5,000 members from 90 countries, is the largest global professional body for brewers and distillers and the only one with a worldwide footprint. The Institute brings many advantages to members and offers an excellent resource for career development.

The IBD offers a range of examinations and qualifications in brewing, distilling, malting and packaging, ranging from the Fundamentals of Brewing and Packaging and Distilling for nontechnical personnel, through General Certificates in Brewing, Distilling, Malting or Packaging, to Diplomas in Brewing, Distilling, or Packaging. The ultimate accolade is the Master Brewer or Distiller qualification, which assesses levels of both competence and knowledge in the technical management of the production process.

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 About Protech

For more than 20 years Protech has been delivering specialist CRM software and change management services to the Not for Profit (NFP) and public sectors. By adding ProWeb, (secure digital platform) and ProCloud (a fully managed Cloud CRM offering) to its specialist CRM and change management solution portfolio, Protech delivers a Government security accredited fully integrated web and CRM platform.

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